Why Insyncai

What We Do

We enable fully context-aware and automated AI powered conversations at scale to help enterprises like yours drive conversions and engagement.

Our goal is to help you increase your revenue and engagement by reducing the friction to purchase and signup via human like interfaces that answer all your users’ questions.

In addition, our ability to automate and intelligently address support asks, helps you scale your support needs while reducing your support costs.

And all of this with a delightful and easy to use conversational user interfaces!

Next Gen Conversational AI

Insyncai has built fundamental proprietary technology enables enterprises to have truly human like conversations with their end users.

Over the past 3 years our team has built a truly scalable and extendable platform that brings together the best of NLP, deep learning, search, automatic data categorization, text & voice based human AI interaction, speech synthesis, sentiment detection and context awareness, to help solve complex conversational problems at scale.

Our proprietary technology is successfully delivering on the promise of conversational AI for our enterprise clients for each and every use-case that they have imagined!

Support For All Use Cases

Insyncai’s platform is fundamentally designed to be leveraged for any use-case whether its to drive revenue, lead-gen, up-sells or scaling customer support

Our deep expertise in being able to handle massive data feeds of millions of products and being able to train our models to detect product discovery within conversations and provide accurate product results, has helped our clients drive significant jump in conversions.

Our ability to handle customer support, FAQ, order status, etc, type of user requests has helped our clients not only scale their support teams but also significantly reduced support costs for them.

Support For All Verticals

While developing the Insyncai platform, we recognized early on the power of our platform to be able to address the needs of any industry vertical and we put in place the building blocks to enable that

Today our platform is successfully helping clients in retail, fintech, healthcare, real estate, education, etc. just to name a few.

Our vertical specific templates allows our clients to onboard even faster and they start seeing value even faster

Managed Setup And Deployment

All the gain with none of the pain!

We understand that you are already quite busy with trying to run your own business. Building a full Conversational AI solution on your own and integrating it within your enterprise is a massive resource and time cost for you.

We understand that you require a solution that doesn’t require any resource and we provide just that.

We get you onboarded and live on our platform, without requiring any work or resource investment from your side and we can go live in just a matter of weeks.

Enterprise Ready

Insyncai’s platform has been created keeping in mind all the needs of enterprises whether that’s security, authentication, encryption, systems integrations, deployment, customization, etc.

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