Enterprise Ready

Integrate With Any CXM/Support System

Insyncai supports integrations with all major CXM systems (ie: Salesforce, NiceInContact, Zendesk etc.), and can easily integrate into any of your homegrown systems as well

Effortless integrations via APIs, Web-services, web hooks, custom adapters and more enable a seamless setup between your end users and your business and engagement systems.

Security & Compliance

Insyncai provides enterprise grade security including full data encryption for data at rest and data on the wire, with all access controls within your policies and requirements.

Data is AES 256 bit encrypted in transit and at rest while ensuring zero impact to performance and reliability Our solution for each client is encapsulated in isolated containers running on AWS. Certificate pinning and regular audits are strictly enforced. We support multi factor authentication as well as any identify management solution of your choice

Managed Setup & Deployment

All the gain with none of the pain!

We understand that you are already quite busy with trying to run your own business. Building a full Conversational AI solution on your own and integrating it within your enterprise is a massive resource and time cost for you. We understand that you require a solution that doesn’t require any resource and we provide just that.We get you onboarded and live on our platform, without requiring any work or resource investment from your side and we can go live in just a matter of weeks.

Go Live In Weeks

That's right! Depending on the scope, typical go live period is between 2 to 6 weeks from when use-cases are identified.

You don’t have to wait for months or spend time training your teams. No delays and our solution is live in weeks and ready to scale.


Insyncai can run on any of your channel end-points whether its on the web, in-app, facebook messenger, SMS, etc.

Our conversational AI solution can be easily deployed on any consumer facing or internal corporate facing end-points and we handle the response conversion to the appropriate formats per channel. Depending on the capabilities of the channel we can gracefully adjust the user experience without any modifications. While your conversation channel endpoints may be many, the platform learning is applicable across all channels without requiring retraining per channel.

Fully Customizable User Experience

You are in control of the entire look and feel of the conversational experience

Your customer experience is unique, therefore Insyncai allows you to have full control of your user’s conversational experience at an extremely granular level You can brand it with your company’s logos, fonts, colors to a level where the UI is completely native to the parent canvas that it runs within.

Seamless Human Agent Handover

Insyncai platform easily integrates into any agent engagement system of your choice to allow seamless handover to agents when needed

We understand that sometimes users just prefer talking to an agent. Or your have business reasons to require that we transfer users to agents for certain situations. As such, we can seamlessly connect the user to an agent on your side, give the agent a full transcript of the conversation and allow the user to converse with the agent from within the same conversation interface. Users don’t have to repeat everything to the agent and that helps you avoid losing the user.