Core Engine

Sentiment & Tone Detection

We can accurately detect user’s tone and sentiment to change conversation flows dynamically.

By detecting emotions like frustration, anger, impatience, we dynamically adjust flows and even move users to a human agent to ensure users don’t leave frustrated.

We analyze user abandonment and connect it back to user sentiment, helping you understand how to reduce abandonment rates.

We can respond empathetically including via emojis with the goal to help your users in a positive manner

Dynamic Flow Management

Our platform leverages Machine Learning (ML) to dynamically put users into the right intent flow path, based on day to day language input.

By dynamically generating new connection paths in the intent flow, we remove the need for users to follow a fixed navigation path, which most importantly gets them to the answer they want faster, saving them time and unnecessary wasted effort of having to follow a fixed path.

Context Awareness

We go beyond just the intent and drive value by maintaining context at all times

Our AI Engine intelligently builds an encapsulating context for the detected intent and can handle all subsequent input within that context.

If users say ‘blue color’ after they have already stated that they are looking for ’t-shirts’, the engine handles that probe for blue colored t-shirts accurately, within the context of t-shirts, similar to how they would in a conversational setting.

Multi-context awareness

Just like human agents, we too can handle multiple intents and contexts at the same time

Consumers don’t always follow a fixed path in their conversations, nor do they stick to one topic. We understand this. Our AI engine is built to handle users switching intents mid-stream, without skipping a beat.

We don’t confused and ask the user to start again or rephrase.

We simply acknowledge the changed intent and start helping them

Micro-context awareness

Intent within intent. Context within context. Mind blown? Not ours. This is where our true conversational AI capabilities set us apart

Imagine your user asked an additional question regarding a product result that our solution showed to them.

Yes they selected that tshirt, that study-course or that house, from the list of results our solution put forth. But now they wish to dive deeper.

Insyncai easily handles these micro-context probing questions.

Full scale Analytics

Real-time insights on how our platform is performing for your needs

We understand that a solution is only as good as the data it collects that allow you to measure its ROI and effectiveness.

We provide rich data and insights, right from the individual conversation level all the way up to aggregated business level. Pivot the data or pivot based on your channels or intents, and a lot more.

See breakdowns by what conversations where handled successfully and those which weren’t. You are in control.